Why nearly 90% of advertisers and marketers agree it's time to Go Addressable

As the use of data and targeting continues to change the way advertisers approach advertising, addressability has emerged as an effective, accountable, and optimizable way to reach the right audience at the right time. But are advertisers ready to jump on board?

Recently, Go Addressable – a cross-company industry initiative led by Altice, Charter / Spectrum Reach, Comcast, Cox, WarnerMedia / DIRECTV, DISH Media, Frontier and Vizio – partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to conduct a survey of 300 marketer and agency decision makers to learn how advertisers are approaching this monumental shift in TV advertising.


The results show that both interest and spend in addressable TV advertising are growing in 2022:


Nearly 90% of agencies and marketers agree addressability is important to the future of television advertising.

Over 3/4 of marketers and agencies say that linear addressable is the key to solving their marketing objectives in a fragmented media world.

1/3 of addressable TV advertisers say they will spend more in addressable in 2022.

1/4 of advertisers not currently spending in addressable TV report that they plan to start in 2022.

While advertisers agree addressability is a key part of advertising’s future, not everyone is taking advantage. Education and industrywide solutions are needed to support advertisers’ adoption:


1/2 of advertisers surveyed are not currently using addressable TV advertising.

2/5 of those not currently spending in addressable TV advertising say they are unsure if they’ll do so in 2022.

While nearly 3/4 of advertisers are satisfied with current addressable TV options, only 1/10 are very satisfied.


Through education and enablement, the Go Addressable initiative is committed to accelerating the growth of addressable TV advertising and making it easier for advertisers to incorporate addressable TV into their advertising campaigns.

Advertisers and Marketers can learn more about Addressable TV advertising by visiting the Go Addressable Content Hub for timely insights into addressable TV, including blogs, videos, infographics, industry guides and more.

Note: Addressable is defined as the ability to serve targeted ads to specific households or users based on deterministic identifiers, allowing brands to define and serve their message to the desired audience, wherever and whenever they’re watching content on TV/CTV/STB. Those targeted households can be matched to 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data sets or modeled by behavioral, demographic and/or geographic factors from 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data sets.

Source: Advertiser Perceptions Omnibus Survey, commissioned by Go Addressable, October 2021; based on online survey with 300 advertiser and marketers
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