Vertical Specific Business Solutions

Below are some examples of vertical business impact solutions that use addressable TV advertising capabilities:

Media & Entertainment: TV Network Client

Situation: National TV network launching a new hour drama on Thursday.

Action: Identify an audience segment based on viewers who a) watch the top 10 dramas on linear TV; b) watch in prime time on Thursday. In addition to a broad linear TV campaign, the client added linear addressable and VOD addressable to boost conversion rates and increase frequency to the defined target audience. This would run leading up to the airing of the program, and the 7 days post the program launch (within the C-7 window).

Results: Used measurement to determine the lift in tune-in. Conversion rates for the addressable target segment were substantially higher than both targeted and non-targeted audiences reached only via the traditional linear campaign.

Automotive: Tier 1 Auto Client

Situation: Major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) importer supporting a new vehicle launch.
Action: Supplemented national media campaign with an addressable TV campaign to target an audience segment of purchasers of competitive models based on data supplied by a third-party provider.

Results: Determined that the addressable TV campaign increased reach of the target consumer segment by double-digit growth as compared to the target reach achieved by national media.

Travel: National Travel Services

Situation: National travel brand promoting loyalty card signups.

Action: Identified audience segments based on past purchase history, defining high / medium / low usage segments, using client sales data.

Results: Measured via a post-campaign report using client data on card signups. Compared rate in the test vs. control group and measured lift.