Increased Understanding Drives Further Adoption

Intent to Spend More on Addressable Grows for Third Consecutive Year

Over the past three years, Go Addressable has partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to survey agency and brand side marketers on their intent to use and spend on addressable TV*.

In 2023, 2-in-5 addressable TV advertisers report they will spend more on addressable in 2024, demonstrating a gradual upward trend over the past three years, likely driven by increased education and understanding of how to use addressable most effectively.


Overall satisfaction is on the rise as more providers make addressable inventory available across linear and CTV. Today, nearly 9-in-10 advertisers are satisfied with addressable TV advertising as adoption and confidence in the channel have grown.


Intent to Use Addressable Has Doubled Since 2021

Further proof of the increasing strength of addressable is that non-users are much more likely to start using addressable than they were two years ago. Half report they will start using addressable next year, compared to just 25% in 2021.


Measurement and scale are the two areas where advertisers report seeing the strongest improvement in addressable TV over the past year, likely driving upward trends in positive perceptions of addressable overall.


A Bright Future for Addressable

Advertisers are bullish on addressable TV. Most say it is moving forward positively. Looking ahead, Go Addressable will continue working to accelerate addressable TV advertising by providing resources for advertisers who want to understand how they can most effectively incorporate addressable TV into their campaigns. To learn more, visit

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