Why Advertisers Use Addressable Today

Market Context

Countless options coupled with unique campaign objectives make media selection no easy feat for advertisers today. While we know there is interest in and excitement around addressable TV, what exactly is driving investment? Go Addressable partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to get a pulse on the industry by surveying 300 agency and brand

Better Targeting, ROI and Past Success are Top Reasons for Using Addressable

Nearly 2-in-3 advertisers are currently including addressable in their media strategies and that’s because they understand its ability to deliver positive results.

Top Reasons for Using Addressable TV Today

(% Addressable TV Users)

It provides
better targeting

Ability to measure/
prove ROI

Successful past

Combined Linear and Digital Teams Manage Addressable

Nearly half of teams responsible for addressable TV cover both linear and digital planning – a valuable approach considering that addressable can span traditional TV and CTV.

use combined linear and digital teams to manage addressable planning

Moving the Needle Forward

At least 1-in-3 are not using addressable today, and they say it’s because they do not have the budget to support it or because of a perceived lack of value relative to cost.

Budget Limitations

Lack of Value Relative to Cost

1-in-2 advertisers would increase investments in addressable given better measurement/proof of ROI

Half of advertisers say they would begin investing or invest more in addressable if they had better measurement or proof of ROI. Advertisers are seeking clear demonstration of value to make their media selection decisions, and the industry must continue to advocate for accurate and effective measurement.

In addressing the challenges faced by the TV ecosystem today, Go Addressable aims to advance addressable TV’s future value by helping maximize the scale, impact, and adoption of addressable advertising. To learn more about how Go Addressable is advancing the future of television, visit GoAddressable.com.

Addressable TV is defined as the ability to serve targeted ads to specific households or users based on deterministic identifiers, allowing brands to define and serve their message to the desired audience, wherever and whenever they’re watching content on TV/CTV/STB. Those targeted households can be matched to 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data sets or modeled by behavioral, demographic and/or geographic factors from 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data sets.

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