2023 Poised to be a Big Year for Addressable TV

Tracking the Addressable Landscape

Research shows that addressable TV is well-positioned for success next year. In October of 2021 and 2022, Go Addressable partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to survey 300 agency and brand decision-makers on their plans for addressable TV in the upcoming year.

2-in-5 Non-Users Will Start Using Addressable Next Year, While Over a Third of Users will Increase Their Spend

41% of advertisers that are not using addressable will start using it in 2023, compared to just 25% surveyed at this time last year. Despite economic headwinds, advertisers recognize the demonstrated efficiency in buying addressable TV. Additionally, 37% of current users will increase their spend in addressable TV next year.

Plan to Use Addressable Next Year

(Among those Not Using Addressable TV)

2021: 25%, 2022: 41%


Plan to Spend More in Addressable Next Year

(Among those Using Addressable TV)

2021: 34%, 2022: 37%


Increased Satisfaction Driven by Measurement Solutions, Simplicity of Buying, and More Addressable Ad Opportunities

18% of advertisers say they are very satisfied with addressable TV ad opportunities today—a 64% lift versus the same time last year. High overall satisfaction is driven by the flexibility and adaptability of addressable.

Over 3-in-4 advertisers that have used addressable are satisfied with the measurement solutions available for addressable TV today. With increased confusion around the state of audience measurement, addressable offers advertisers the opportunity to test and learn with different measurement and attribution partners.

Chart showing satisfaction with addressable in 2021 vs. 2022

of users are satisfied with addressable TV measurement solutions

Advertisers note that addressable is now simpler to buy, and both the number of options and cost to implement have improved. Over half of those using addressable today say they are buying from either AVOD, programmers, OEMs, or MVPDs, indicating that advertisers are partnering with multiple providers to reach their audiences across services.

2022 Most Improved Areas for Addressable

Simplicity of buying

Overall options

Cost to implement

buy addressable across more than 1 addressable partner

The Path Forward Calls for Collaboration

Advertisers are excited about the future of addressable. To sustain its upward trajectory, the industry needs to work together in maximizing the scale, impact, and adoption of addressable advertising. That is where Go Addressable comes in.

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