Understanding the Viewing Habits of Adults 18-34

Adults Are Consistently Watching Both Linear and Streaming

Contrary to some buyers’ beliefs, adults 18-34 still watch linear TV. Go Addressable partnered with MRI-Simmons to understand the viewing habits of this coveted demo, in order to provide valuable insights for advertisers and showcase how addressable TV can help reach this audience.

80% of adults 18-34 watch both linear and streaming. While adults have been found to watch streaming only at higher rates than linear only, it demonstrates the value of using addressable across linear and streaming to reach this audience.


U.S. Adults Age 18-34 in Go Addressable Footprint Spend Majority of Time with Live TV on their TV Screens

For those adults 18-34 within the Go Addressable footprint*, over two thirds are watching live. They are +25% more likely to watch live TV than those A18-34 who fall outside the Go Addressable footprint.

Furthermore, 53% time spent viewing premium video content takes place on the big screen. In fact, time spent viewing with this demo in the Go Addressable footprint is +9% more likely to be on a TV screen than outside the footprint.


Nearly Two-Thirds of All Adults are Spending Time with Cable, Broadcast or FAST Content

While adults in the Go Addressable footprint had a higher percentage of time spent watching Live TV on the big screen, it was found that in general, adults 18-34 are spending around two-thirds of their viewing time in a typical week with cable, broadcast or FAST.


The Addressable TV Opportunity

Go Addressable is committed to helping advertisers across the ecosystem better reach their audiences at scale. To learn more about the addressable TV advertising opportunity, visit GoAddressable.com.

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