Planning and Measuring Addressable TV Today

Nearly 3-in-4 are Including Addressable TV in their Plans

Over the past two years, Go Addressable has partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to survey agency and brand-side marketers on how they are planning and thinking about their media decisions.

The latest data shows that a growing number of advertisers are using addressable TV as part of their media mix. 73% of advertisers report they are currently including addressable TV in their media plans/strategies, amounting to a significant 16% lift over last year.

Convergence of Linear TV and CTV Drives Rise of Addressable

Like last year, nearly half of advertisers say that teams covering both digital and linear TV manage planning for addressable.

While addressable TV advertising historically referred to targeted ads inserted within the dedicated ad breaks of pay TV distributors (MVPDs), the definition now extends to CTV media providers and to programmers.

Teams Responsible for Addressable TV Planning

Top Budgets Sourced for Addressable TV

Over the past year, in order to fund their investments in addressable, advertisers were nearly just as likely to tap into CTV budgets as they were to tap into linear budgets.



With Growth in Addressable, Quality of Measurement Improves

Top Reasons Advertisers Would Spend More in Addressable TV

Better measurement has decreased as a top reason advertisers would spend more in addressable TV, signaling greater understanding for how addressable TV measurement works. Still, there is room to move the needle in some areas. With advertisers citing inadequacy and confusion around attribution, deeper education and resources are needed.

Top Challenges to Addressable TV Measurement

Inadequate attribution to prove ROI

Confusion over how addressable TV measurement and attribution work

Moving Forward with Go Addressable

Advertisers are all in on addressable but they still need education on how to meet measurement objectives. Go Addressable has a goal of accelerating addressable TV advertising by providing resources for advertisers who want to understand how they can most effectively incorporate addressable TV into their campaigns. To learn more, visit

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