CIMM research reveals proven strategies for optimizing addressable tv advertising

Go Addressable partnered with CIMM to explore addressable TV advertising usage and trends across buyers and sellers to provide proven strategies for optimizing addressable TV.

Based on in-depth research, the report highlights the invaluable role that addressable TV plays in the overall media mix and offers 5 key insights for advertisers looking to implement or increase addressable TV in their media campaigns and showcases the optimal uses cases for it.

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5 key insights based on the research

  1. Addressable consistently delivers ~40% reach regardless of whether the brand has a high or low target audience penetration.
  2. Addressable delivers incremental reach to both large and small linear campaigns. When linear reach begins to plateau, addressable TV is found to be between 20% and 30% more efficient in adding incremental reach than linear.
  3. eCPMs for addressable campaigns (those associated with the actual target segment impressions) are more efficient than linear eCPMs when it comes to light linear TV viewing audiences.
  4. Addressable TV is more precise than IP address matching. An analysis found that 95% of addressable HHs were matched via postal address compared to 60% via IP address. After 30 days, 82% of addressable homes remained accurately matched compared to 44% of CTV homes.
  5. Addressable TV is not just for older adults. Data shows that CTV addressable and MVPD addressable play complementary roles in reaching adults 18-49.1

4 optimal use cases for addressable tv

  1. Brands with low penetration target audiences
  2. Brands whose linear television plans’ reach curves have plateaued and desire more efficient incremental reach
  3. Brands that want to frequency cap high-volume, oversaturated TV viewers at the household level
  4. Brands with limited television budgets or multiple audience targets/creatives to maximize impact

For full findings, download report here.


*In this context, the reference of Addressable TV is defined as MVPD addressable and the use of deterministic data or authenticated content experiences.

Source: 1. TVision, September 2023.