The world of TV advertising is undergoing a seismic change. As the use of data continues to fundamentally shift the way marketers reach and measure their audiences, brands are looking for ways to ensure TV advertising is offering capabilities as precise as digital, but with the reach of traditional TV.

Against this backdrop, addressable TV has emerged, representing one of the most significant shifts in advertising to date. Addressable TV advertising offers an effective, accountable, and optimizable ad experience for all players in the media ecosystem, and therefore is a topic of great importance to advertisers and publishers alike. With excitement and interest building, advertisers are seeking resources and education while demanding options for executing addressable TV at scale.

This is exactly why Go Addressable was launched.

Founded in June 2021, the Go Addressable initiative includes – a group of industry leaders with the goal of accelerating the growth of addressable TV advertising and making it easier for advertisers to incorporate addressable TV into their advertising campaigns.

Why is this so important? Because TV buying is rapidly shifting to a data driven, impression-based model, and advertisers are asking for it.

According to a new study commissioned with Advertiser Perceptions, 88% of agencies and marketers agree addressability is important to the future of television advertising. Additionally, over 3/4 of marketers and agencies say that linear addressable is the key to solving their marketing objectives in a fragmented media world. Because of this, One in four advertisers not currently spending in addressable TV report that they plan to start in 2022.

Not surprisingly, spend for addressable TV is expected to grow in 2022. In fact, 1 in 3 addressable TV advertisers surveyed say they will spend more in 2022 – which is in line with eMarketer’s prediction that linear TV addressable ad spending will grow 33% this year.

So is addressability a key part of TV’s future? You bet. The interest is there and the spend is growing. But data suggests there is work to be done to improve on the opportunity.

According to the Ad Perceptions study, slightly more than half of the advertisers surveyed (all media brand decision-makers) are currently using addressable advertising. Moreover, only one in ten advertisers are very satisfied with current addressable TV options. In our eyes, this spells opportunity! More education and more industry-wide solutions are necessary to realize the full potential of this game-changing medium.
This is where Go Addressable comes in.

The mission is to accelerate the growth of addressable TV advertising by focusing on three key pillars:

  • SIMPLIFY. Help simplify the process of buying and managing addressable TV campaigns, proposing solutions aimed at reducing inefficiencies and driving value for advertisers.
  • SOCIALIZE. Provide advocacy, education, actionable insights, use cases and technical updates on a regular basis to keep the industry informed and engaged with addressable TV.
  • SCALE. Help facilitate seamless distribution, ease of planning, standardization, flawless execution and unified measurement for addressable TV – combining the scale of traditional television with the precision of digital media.

Today, Go Addressable held its first annual industry summit, titled “Go Addressable 2021: Advancing the Future of Television.” At this event, leaders from companies spanning ViacomCBS, AMC Networks, DISH Media, WarnerMedia, Blockgraph and Invidi shared insights and best practices on how to master the addressable TV marketplace now and in the future. If you missed the summit, you can watch the full event here.

Go Addressable also introduced a new Content Hub that provides visitors deep and timely insights into addressable TV – we hope you’ll take a look around and come back often. This Content Hub includes blogs, videos, infographics, industry guides and more, created to keep industry players informed and up-to-speed on the latest addressable TV advertising news and insights.

Addressable TV is here, and the goal is to take it to the next level with this groundbreaking multi-company initiative. Wherever you stand in your journey towards addressable advertising, we hope you’ll benefit from our commitment to the growth and evolution of TV advertising. In this industry, rising tide lifts all boats, and we should all commit to building the future of addressable TV together. It’s time to go addressable.