Understanding the basics

What is addressability?

The broader Go Addressable initiative, uses the following overarching definition of addressability:

Addressability encompasses video advertising experiences where a single message from an advertiser is matched to an advertiser-defined audience segment that shares one or more common characteristics. Addressability uses data and technology to enable targeting relevant messages to the qualified audience segment in adherence to business and consumer privacy compliance requirements.

It should also be noted that the term “Advanced TV advertising” is often used to encompass two different forms of advertising: one of these is Data-driven Linear, and one is Addressable. A comparison of the differences between the two is outlined below. Typically sold as two different products, with opportunities to combine for reach extension.

Data-driven linear

The ability to deliver commercials to high concentrations of an advertiser’s target audience through behavioral targeting and/or predictive modeling on a national basis.


  • Nationally serve media during certain networks and dayparts that most highly index against an advertiser’s desired audience
  • Media distributed to full footprint maintaining national reach
  • Understand both household reach and in target delivery


The ability for different commercials to be targeted to different households on the same network at the same time.


  • Precisely serve media within brand-safe content while eliminating waste
  • Optimize media to drive efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand effectiveness of media against brand KPIs via full funnel attribution
  • Within the Addressable Category, there are two methods of delivery: Creative Versioning & Audience Addressable