Our second annual Go Addressable event, Go Addressable 2022: Advancing The Future of Television on November 16th hosted a full house at Convene NYC and many more virtually, proving that interest is strong and the industry is excited to Go Addressable.

Key takeaways from each of our sessions below, and links to view the on demand experience. Please continue to follow us on LinkedIn and GoAddressable.com for additional insights into how we can collectively create a more addressable future.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Matt Van Houten, SVP, Product, Business Development, and Sales Operations for DIRECTV Advertising set the stage by highlighting several key announcements reinforcing why 2022 was a big year for addressable TV:

  • A joint study with Advertiser Perceptions finds 81% of advertisers are satisfied with addressable TV advertising (up from 72% y/y), while 41% of marketers not currently using addressable plan to start next year (up from 25% y/y)
  • Go Addressable 2022 Accomplishments:
    • Drove Momentum & Scale: the Go Addressable group surveyed its participating companies, confirming they’ve helped enable a monthly average of 53 billion linear advertising minutes since its inception in June 2021. (For context, there are more than 1.2 trillion minutes per month in linear advertising per minute, according to Nielsen.) All participants also indicated that inventory can grow with additional demand.
    • Simplified: Established a simplified framework for addressable terms & guidelines across programmer & distributor inventories; Actively engaged measurement vendors like VideoAmp, iSpot and Comscore for comprehensive addressable measurement alternatives
    • Engaged: Created 2 advisory councils to better align with our agency and programming partners

Keynote: The Media Ecosystem

Keynote: The Media Ecosystem

Evan Shapiro, Media Universe Cartographer, provided a lively and unfiltered look at the ever-changing media ecosystem and where we’re all headed. Here’s just some of what he shared.

“The rate of change, has changed. The last two years accelerated the rate of change to a constant state. Change is no longer something you can schedule once a year at Go Addressable conference, it’s not something you can put into your offsite every quarter. It is now a constant rate of change. Disruption is the operating system of our ecosystem. There’s a number of different reasons for that.”

Addressable In Action: Buyer Perspectives

Panel speaking about Addressable In Action: Buyer Perspectives

Kerry Flynn, Media Deals Reporter, Axios Pro, moderated our first panel, focused on agency leaders discussing the benefits of addressable, and where they see it going forward. Panelists included: Kelly Metz, Managing Director, Advanced TV Activation, OMG; Samantha Rose, EVP, Strategic Investment Lead, Horizon Media; Jen Soch, Executive Director, Channel Solutions, GroupM.

Key senior executives across the largest agencies and holding companies shared their thoughts and perceptions about buying addressable TV advertising today. Highlights include:

  • Scale in the addressable space is growing with more impressions available and speed to market, a hurdle in the past, much improved
  • Addressable isn’t just used for precision targeting any more, marketers are now using it to reach light TV viewers, increase unduplicated reach and even out impression delivery & exposure amongst audiences
  • There is still education needed throughout the ecosystem in how addressable can help drive value for brands, but there has never been a more important time than now to make the dollar work harder
  • Expect to see an explosion of programmatic addressable that will improve time to market & provide flexibility for the buy-side

The Future of Addressable Measurement: Solving for Cross-Platform Solutions

Panel speaking about The Future of Addressable Measurement: Solving for Cross-Platform Solutions

Howard Shimmel, President, Janus Strategy & Insights and datafuelX, sat down with key agency and data leaders to share their predictions of what the future of measurement will look like, offer best practices for marketers when evaluating measurement platforms, and discuss challenges & solutions in modern TV measurement. He was joined by: Lizzy Daly, VP, Head of Currency, Comscore; Helen Katz, EVP, Research, Publicis Media; Ross McCray, Founder & CEO, VideoAmp; Brad Stockton, SVP, US National Video Innovation, Dentsu.

Measurement is top of mind for everyone this year. In this lively conversation, senior measurement, data and agency executives discuss recent developments and share predictions of what’s ahead for the future of measurement.

  • It’s important to set expectations at the front of the campaign on what is being measured & align measurement with targeting, execution and creative
  • Understanding holistic reach & frequency across channels continues to be a pain point; continued interoperability and willingness to share data can help
  • While there is heavy growth amongst FAST channels, without deterministic registration data, accurate segmentation & targeting can be limited
  • Impressions don’t move product: as an industry, we should consider an outcome value mindset to measure success

Easy to Buy, Easy to Execute: Enter Interoperability & Automation

Easy to Buy, Easy to Execute Panel

Chris Monteferrante, VP Product & Data Strategy, AdvancedTV Advertising, Spectrum Reach sat down with Brett Hurwitz, Business Lead, Addressable TV, Yahoo; Noah Levine, Head of Advanced Advertising Solutions, Warner Bros. Discovery; Adam Paul, Managing Director, Media Alliances, LiveRamp; Joanna Thissen, VP, Audience Solutions & Data Partnerships, OpenAP to discuss how we can continue to make it easier to buy and execute addressable TV at scale.

Without a single tech stack that connects all addressable inventory or audience platforms, how can the industry come together to make it easy? Senior executives across the largest programmers, distributors and advanced advertising platforms unpack today’s challenges and spotlight tomorrow’s opportunities around interoperability and automation. Key Takeaways include:

  • The addressable marketplace involves some complexity, but with 10+ years of experience, MVPDs have already done a lot to simplify & streamline
  • Programmatic is a great way to access linear addressable, programmer addressable and CTV addressable al in one place
  • We can help addressable to scale by continuing to push for interoperability on the identity side, planning & execution side & measurement side
  • If you’re not playing with addressable, you’re late. The future is moving towards fully being addressable

Enabling Programmer Addressable: A Fireside Discussion

Enabling Programmer Addressable: A Fireside Discussion

Larry Allen, VP & GM Data & Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising, sat down with Seema Patel, TelevisaUnivision to discuss the realities of enabling national linear inventory. And bonus: they played a fast-paced, lightning round conversation covering the key themes, trends and takeaways from the day!

  • Aside from the support of internal and external stakeholders, the key ingredients for a successful addressable business are:
    1. Data: you need to connect the data pipes and move data between systems
    2. Scale: when you’re evaluating a platform what are the ad opportunities associated with that platform; does the work and effort support the revenue goals?
    3. Data Connections: make it easy for the buy-side to connect their data sets to yours
    4. Automation: you need self service, automation for IO and campaign execution
  • There are 3 core components that make the hispanic-focused customer graph powerful and valuable: data fidelity, making it easy for clients to connect to the data and scale.
  • Today’s media measurement routinely undercounts the hispanic data-set, the reason is ethnicity is self-reported. Less than 6 out of 10 hispanic are included in 3rd party data-sets.
  • As an industry, we need to continue to automate for faster, better SLAs for the buy-side and to measure outcomes.

Closing Remarks

Closing remarks

Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media, delivered the closing remarks, sharing some exciting things we can expect from Go Addressable in 2023.

What’s upcoming:

  • Implement bold steps to make progress on video planning and measurement
  • Work to accelerate and simplify convergence for CTV and linear addressable
  • Deepen engagement with key industry stakeholders
  • Increase education around both the benefits and applications of addressable television

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